Looking to join a serious all girl rock band with “old school” band values?*

*no egos or divas, everyone is equal, building a band family vibe, etc.

If so, maybe you’d like to consider joining the new all girl rock band I’m setting up. We’re looking for…

  • Aged 18-25
  • Own transport
  • Own equipment
  • Passion to perform and take the band as far as possible
  • Willing to learn covers and rock them up as well as work on original material
  • Available to rehearse in the evenings and weekend
  • Live within 20 minutes drive to Trelogan, North Wales (where my rehearsal space is).
  • Be looking to gig as much as reasonably possible, and all types of gigs, eg wedding gigs, festival gigs, charity / free exposure / demo video gigs, paid gigs etc.
  • Willing to travel to further away gigs

We have our own in-house recording set up, rehearsal space and PA system and support for advertising the band, exposure and getting gigs.

Only those deadly serious in becoming a successful musician in a successful rock band should apply.
To apply please….

  • record a performance(s) for us – rock song(s) of your choice. It can be from your phone at home etc, and email to bass@allysmusic.com
  • complete the application form below